Welcome to The Telegraph and Argus sports website.

The Argus is a Sussex-based newspaper offering the latest roundups from the main sports news in the region. With top quality cricket teams in the area the Argus is the main newspaper to get updates from the county’s team. Sussex is also home to many report teams ranging from the lower divisions such as Hastings FC to the more bigger teams such as Brighton and Hove Albion. The Argus is a weekly newspaper available throughout the county and the website is updated hourly all the latest news and info.

The Argus not only offers sports news but is a very popular newspaper for those living in the area. It also offers standards news within the local area covering millions of residents from all the major locations such as Brighton, Worthing, Hastings and Eastbourne as well as the non-coastal regions. Uses updated daily on their website as well as the latest weather. You can also find the normal range of standard local newspaper offering such as property and other classifieds.

The Telegraph is a national newspaper and is printed every day with a very popular online counterpart. The Telegraph has the best roundups of sports news from up and down the country as well as worldwide. The website is updated in real-time with football results as well as pretty much every other major sport around. Telegraph has some of the best UK journalist standards and offers international news as well as UK-based breaking news.

In the UK the Telegraph is more widely known as the daily Telegraph and have been around for over 150 years.The newspaper is published six days a week with a counterpart on Sunday called the Sunday Telegraph. The Telegraph offers the usual range of news coverings from breaking news to financial and celebrity gossip. Sports covering ranges from football to horseracing and doesn’t offer the usual gossipy style that tabloids offer. You won’t find much about Wayne Rooney’s latest conquest more about match reviews and analysis.